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1987 - New Adventures of Mighty Mouse: All You Need Is Glove/It's Scrappy's Birthday S.1 E.9
The Glove and his henchmen, the Bad Mittens, imprison Pearl, Mike and Scrappy in gloves. The only person who can fr..
Patrick Pinney Beau Weaver
1990 - The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: S.3.E.15 Easy Come, Easy Gopher
Rabbit tampers with Gopher's equation so the tunnel can't go through his house but his plans backfire...
Peter Cullen Jim Cummings
1974 - Twas the Night Before Christmas
When a town learns that Santa Claus has struck it off his delivery schedule due to an insulting letter, a way must ..
Patricia Bright Scott Firestone
2012 - Plastic Man: Super Hero Sketch Artist E.1
Plastic Man uses his stretching abilities to help an elderly woman identify the man who stole her purse...
Tom Kenny Jill Talley
1965 - The Pink Panther E.13 Reel Pink
The Pink Panther decide to go fishing. He stops at the bait shop to buy some worms (6 for 25). The man selling the ..
2011 - Winx Club: Mitzi's Present S.4 E.5
The Black Circle finds out where the girls work and hex the animals they are selling. Their goal is to distract the..
Keke Palmer Will Blagrove
2007 - Johnny Test: Johnny'mon/Bath Time for Johnny S.3.E.4
Johnny loves his Mini'mons! Johnny won't take a bath, and he's really starting to smell...
James Arnold Taylor Louis Chirillo
1997 - Duckman: Westward, No! S.4.E.21
The Duckman family hones in on Cornfeld's plans to visit his Aunt Jane's ranch in Louisiana. They arrive on the eve..
Jason Alexander Nancy Travis
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars On the Wings of Keeradaks S.7.E.7
With Echo recovered, Rex, Bad Batch, and Anakin Skywalker look to fight their way out of a Separatist base..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2006 - Dragon Hunters: The Strange Taste of Cocomak S.1.E.1
Being trapped on an island at the mercy of a chameleon dragon that blends perfectly with the vegetation is never gr..
Sonja Ball Annie Bovaird
1987 - New Adventures of Mighty Mouse: This Island Mouseville/Mighty's Musical Classics S.1 E.6
The Grand Ruler, an alien cat, and his dimwitted muscle Derling, land in Mouseville for the purpose of taking over...
Patrick Pinney Charles Adler
1999 - Avengers - United They Stand: E.4 Comes a Swordsman
Hawkeye must face his past and his old mentor the Swordsman. Meanwhile The Avengers face a group of thieves led by ..
George Johnson Linda Ballantyne
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Unfinished Business S.7.E.8
The Republic plans a daring final strike against Wat Tambor and Admiral Trench, once again bringing together Rex, E..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Crystal Crisis S.7.E.3
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin escape from Utapau with a kyber crystal...
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Bad Batch S.7.E.5
Rex, Cody, and Clone Force 99, an unorthodox, elite squad also known as the Bad Batch, look to recover the Republic..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars A Death on Utapau S.7.E.1
This is an unfinished and unaired episode in which Obi-Wan and Anakin investigate the death of a Jedi on Utapau and..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
2005 - Battle B-Daman: The B-DaWinds of Change S.1.E.40
The guys stop while Bull repairs Wing Ninja, and the cafe stops to fill up on gas. They end up stoping in Sly's hom..
Brian Beacock Beau Billingslea
2003 - Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Sheepwrecked S.1 E.41
A ram comes to Cappytown, complete with a wolf pack mind and a desire to achieve his goal of liberating sheep every..
Atsushi Kisaichi Eric Stuart
2010 - The Octonauts: The Monster Map S.1 E.12
The Octonauts follow an old map to what Kwazii believes is treasure guarded by a sea monster, but instead they meet..
Ross Breen Teresa Gallagher
1994 - Mighty Max: Scorpio Rising S.2 E.18
A scientist who has lived in an underground environment filled with high levels of radiation for a long period of t..
Rob Paulsen Corey Burton
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