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1995 - Masked Rider E.3 License to Thrill
Dex is ready to start driving, but he gets a big surprise when his instructor is revealed to be a disguised Insecti..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1944 - Captain America Serial - #13 Skyscraper Plunge
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
1944 - Captain America Serial - #14 The Scarab Strikes
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
1992 - California Dreams: Dream Man S.1.E.5
Sly overhears Jenny describing her dream man, and then proceeds to try to make himself into her ideal mate. Meanwhi..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1988 - Punky Brewster: Radio Daze S.4 E.10
Punky and Cherie enter a radio scriptwriting contest sponsored by a local radio station that has just changed its f..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
1998 - Malibu CA: The Costume Party S.1.E.10
Jason is jealous of Stads' hunky lifeguard partner Kip. Scott advises him to flirt with Traycee to make Stads jealo..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1992 - California Dreams: Beat of His Own Dream S.1.E.3
Tony quits the band and joins the football team to please his father, who sees the band as just a hobby and believe..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1992 - California Dreams: This Time S.1.E.12
Jenny assumes the best when her ex-boyfriend suggests that they get back together. But Matt worries that he's too s..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1998 - Malibu CA: The Big Storm S.1.E.12
Jason and Stads have a big fight over his gift to her, tickets to a concert that he is anxious to go to. Samantha a..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1988 - Punky Brewster: Ouch S.4 E.14
The night before she and Henry are scheduled to go on a camping trip with Betty and Cherie, Punky starts experienci..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
2002 - Ace Lightning: Opposite Attraction S.1 E.6
Tired of hanging around with Lord Fear waiting for something to happen, Lady Illusion strikes out on her own, with ..
Marc Minardi Shadia Simmons
2002 - Ace Lightning: The Trap Is Set S.1 E.2
Ace has been captured and imprisoned by Lord Fear, and his energy is being drained. Mark teams up with a clueless C..
Marc Minardi Shadia Simmons
1996 - Masked Rider E.17 Know your Neighbour
The Stewarts become contestants on a hit TV show. Now, Count Dregon is steamin' mad and sends Cycloptor, the Maggot..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1992 - The Girl from Tomorrow: S.1.E.8 Newsprobe
Barely managing to escape Silverthorn, Alana must go public to stop Silverthorn's plans. However Silverthorn has pl..
Katharine Cullen Melissa Marshall
1985 - Punky Brewster S.1 E.14 Play It Again, Punky
Henry feels out of touch with Punky's generation when hip young music teacher Tony Glen succeeds where Henry has fa..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus: Invisible Merton S.1 E.12
Merton's old nemesis, Alistair Black, comes to Pleasantville, not only taking over Merton as president of the Gothi..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1986 - Highway to Heaven: Alone S.2.E.13
A homeless boy wishes that someone would love him and so Jonathan comes to him and offers to make his wish come tru..
Michael Landon Victor French
2002 - Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension: It's Deja-Vu All Over Again
Gorm orders Bala to kidnap Allegra and bring her back to Kek. Nick believes that he has found the nest of key fragm..
Matthew Ewald Marie-Marguerite Sabongui
1989 - Birds of a Feather: Substitute S.1.E.6
Sharon gets into philosophy whilst Tracey gets mad when she opens a letter from Daryl addressed to 'Darling Juliet'..
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson
2000 - Malibu CA: Dr. Freeze S.2.E.22
Lisa arrives at the Lighthouse very excited she's received a letter telling her she's been accepted for an internsh..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
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