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1979 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E.6: Wolfpack
When a greedy Sorgenson Chemical representative learns that University students have developed a mind control gas, ..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1997 - Spellbinder S.1 E.4 It Isn't Magic, It's Science
After saving Riana's brother, Paul is welcomed by the family. He discovers that the Spellbinders' power is based in..
Zbych Trofimiuk Gosia Piotrowska
1974 - Spidey Super Stories - Spidey Meets the Spoiler
Spidey links clues to the Spoiler, a mischievous villain who aims to spoil people's fun. Spidey defeats him, but vi..
1975 - Spidey Super Stories - The Birthday Bandit
The Birthday Bandit, dressed in a multi-colored suit, steals birthday party items, saying what he is doing in Dr. S..
Jim Boyd
1974 - Spidey Super Stories - Who Stole the Show?
A former child star named Winky Goodyshoes bemoans her inability to find suitable work. Later, she steals the props..
Hattie Winston
1995 - Masked Rider E.6 Arcade Ace
A video wiz at the Cosmos has Albee bummed. So, Dex faces off with the arcade ace. Then, while Ferbus discovers ban..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1995 - Masked Rider E.9 The Grandma Factor
The Stewarts' Grandma drops by for a visit. Meanwhile, Count Dregon sends his own visitors, who kidnap Grandma. Can..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1996 - Masked Rider E.19 Battle of the Bands
Dex, Molly and Albee enter a battle of the bands competition and begin rehearsing. But Dex has bigger things to wor..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1992 - The Girl from Tomorrow: S.1.E.3 Sanctuary
While Alana tries to save her capsule she runs into some serious danger, so Jenny has her hands full to take care o..
Katharine Cullen Melissa Marshall
1985 - Punky Brewster S.1 E.15 Henry Falls in Love: Part 1
Fate takes a joyous turn for Henry when a special person from his past shows up at his studio. Maggie McLerie was H..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus S.1 E.5 Witch College
Stacey is acting a bit weird after she joins a sorority that Tommy and Merton suspect may be full of witches...
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1985 - Punky Brewster S.2 E.2 Punky's Treehouse
While she's sleeping one night, Punky has a dream that inspires her to build a fabulous treehouse behind the apartm..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
2013 - LazyTown: Scavenger Hunt S.3.E.5
The Lazy Scouts are about to embark on a scavenger hunt. But before they set off, Robbie Rotten replaces the task l..
Chloe Lang Magnus Scheving
2000 - Big Wolf on Campus: Frank Stein S.2 E.2
While participating in a quiz bowl, Merton is interviewed by a strange man, who wants to take Merton's brain and us..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1992 - California Dreams: It's a Guy Thing S.1.E.8
After Jenny and Tiffani come up with a scheme to teach Tony and Sly a lesson about how to treat women with respect,..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1992 - California Dreams: This Time S.1.E.12
Jenny assumes the best when her ex-boyfriend suggests that they get back together. But Matt worries that he's too s..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1992 - California Dreams: Where's Dennis S.1.E.13
When their parents go away for the weekend, Matt is left in charge of Jenny and Dennis. When he breaks the rules an..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1998 - Malibu CA: Welcome to Malibu S.1.E.1
After their divorced mother takes a job in Saudi Arabia, fraternal twins Sott and Jason Collins move from New York ..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1998 - Malibu CA: Surf Sale S.1.E.2
Condo developers plan to get rid of the Surf Shack, Murray's favorite place. Samantha thinks something should be do..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1998 - Malibu CA: Classic Car S.1.E.4
Scott is restoring a 1965 Mustang and Samantha is spending a lot of time helping him with it, causing concern for J..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
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