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1975 - Spidey Super Stories - Spidey Meets the Yeti
An abominable snowman becomes homesick after wandering away from his home in the Frozen North, and sits on various ..
Morgan Freeman Jim Boyd
1995 - Masked Rider E.4 Pet Nappers
The Stewart family prepares for an alien attack. Then, Count Dregon sends Nefaria to recruit a couple burglars. Now..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1996 - Masked Rider E.22 Ferbus' Day Out
The family is going out to a restaurant to celebrate Hal and Barbara's wedding anniversary, but Ferbus can't come a..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1997 - Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord: S.1.E.7 Josh, the Water Spirit
Kathy takes the boat back to her world and learns from Sun that her family is in his world. Carl and Vicky escape S..
Lauren Hewett Ryan Kwanten
1982 - Silver Spoons S.1 E.5 Takin' a Chance on Love
Ricky gets his first taste of puppy love when a new girl transfers to his school. Ricky probes Edward about his tru..
Ricky Schroder Erin Gray
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus S.1 E.1 Pilot
Every year, Tommy Dawkins and his friends go down on a camping trip to the lake to celebrate their last weekend of ..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1985 - Punky Brewster S.2 E.1 The K.O. Kid
A friend of 4th grade teacher Mike Fulton comes to his classroom to teach the children about the art of boxing. The..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
1985 - Punky Brewster: Love Thy Neighbor S.2 E.10
On Halloween night, a woman named Isabelle Peavy behaves rudely to the children in Punky's building and refuses to ..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus: Time and Again S.1 E.16
A strange man gives Merton a watch that can reverse time, and Merton uses it to every advantage. Sounds good on pap..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
2000 - Big Wolf on Campus: Hello Nasty S.2 E.1
Tommy, Merton, and their new companion, Lori, find themselves deep in an old urban legend when they find themselves..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1987 - Punky Brewster: Unhooking Henry S.3 E.22
Henry still has access to a bottle of sleeping pills that were prescribed for him six months ago, and when he has d..
George Gaynes Soleil Moon Frye
2000 - Big Wolf on Campus: Manchu: Part Deux S.2 E.14
Tommy and Merton must find a way to inject Lori with wolfsbane before the full moon, at which she will become a wer..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1992 - California Dreams: Where's Dennis S.1.E.13
When their parents go away for the weekend, Matt is left in charge of Jenny and Dennis. When he breaks the rules an..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1993 - California Dreams: Jake's Song S.2.E.1
Jake surprises everyone when he tells Matt that he wants to join the band, but despite the fact that they're impres..
Brentley Gore Kelly Packard
1998 - Malibu CA: Surf Sale S.1.E.2
Condo developers plan to get rid of the Surf Shack, Murray's favorite place. Samantha thinks something should be do..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1977 - The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: The Secret of the Whispering Walls S.1.E.6
A burglary at her home leads Nancy Drew to investigate her aunts' attempt to sell their farm, which someone is appa..
Pamela Sue Martin Shaun Cassidy
1998 - Malibu CA: Scott's Old Girlfriend S.1.E.7
Scott and Samantha are getting serious about each other and are planning a getaway to Catalina, but before it happe..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1998 - Malibu CA: The Costume Party S.1.E.10
Jason is jealous of Stads' hunky lifeguard partner Kip. Scott advises him to flirt with Traycee to make Stads jealo..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1994 - California Dreams: The Long Goodbye S.3.E.6
Sly is devastated when Allison tells him that she's moving away to attend a special school, and he deals with his h..
Kelly Packard Michael Cade
2002 - Big Wolf on Campus: Baby on Board S.3 E.13
Finding himself unable to attract women on Earth, Merton creates an interplanetary ad, and with a touch to the fore..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
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