Oscar's Oasis 2011 - 2011

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Lost, smack in the middle of an arid desert, all of them are trying to survive and above all to not die from boredom. The conditions for survival are therefore, in priority order: find water, find shade, find something to eat, find something to do. The stories start with the main character, Oscar. He always has a precise objective and he deploys all of his ingenuity, imagination, energy and optimism to reach his goal: find something to drink, to eat, to understand the mechanism of an object found in the sand, avoid the beaks of the chickens who like to peck at lizard loin chops... Each time, the trio of turbulent friends crosses Oscars route. And each time the young, energetic reptiles objectives tend to get seriously compromised. Its nothing personal. The trio dont want to catch Oscar. Sometimes, its just that theyre after the same thing. Oscar doesnt hold it against them, hes not the type to hold a grudge.
ViewMovie TitleGenreS/EColorYearRating
Oscar's Oasis: Bad Trip E.1
Oscar's water bottle ends up in a crocodile-infested river.
Martial Le Minoux    Jeremy Prevost
7 Mins.
Color2011 G
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